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The Anixi Story

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Anixi - Mediterranean Vegan Restaurant

March 2023

About the Project

Anixi is a vegan Mediterranean restaurant located at the heart of Manhattan’s Chelsea area owned by City Roots Hospitality, a leading vegan restaurant group in New York City. For this project, Studio RB designed a space respectful of the existing architectural elements and enhanced the concept of the Mediterranean vegan restaurant.

The Design Process

The existing space included a variety of materials such as cast iron gates, wood floors, marble walls and faux columns, and oversized mirrors. The challenge in front of Studio RB was to incorporate those elements and to provide a new design solution enhancing the experience for clients and staff.

In collaboration with City Roots, team Studio RB created the beginning of the Anixi story. Studio RB restored and cleaned the existing iron gates and provided new lighting to highlight the entry doors and the storefront. A large flag was hung above the entry announcing the restaurant to the pedestrians. The new entry signage and menu incorporated the Anixi color scheme.

The main feature in the front is the bar. Studio RB clad the front of the bar counter with black and white marble tiles by Nemo. The midcentury pattern echoes the traditional mosaics of the Mediterranean region. Behind the bar the new glass shelving and brass brackets complement the existing brick wall. The new burgundy chairs work in harmony with the existing brass sculptures and architectural elements.

Adjacent to the bar is a space that used to be an elevator. Studio RB took the opportunity to convert the brick wall space to a beautiful wine closet that displayed the finest wines offered by Anixi. The brass brackets and chandelier contrast the brick walls and the existing wood and glass door.

Studio RB cleaned the brass double door frame leading to the grand dining hall. The existing ornaments and sculptures on the rich wood-paneled wall enhance the experience of waking into a special space.

In the great dining hall, the existing marble arches on the walls frame new seating areas for smaller groups. In the middle of the space, a series of semi-circular banquettes were created to provide seating for larger groups and to define the circulation around the space. The banquettes and the floating ceiling above balance the space and improves the symmetry in the dining hall.

Studio RB hung full height curtains along the side walls to complement the existing marble, and to improve the acoustics in the space. The rich green fabric contributes to the upscale feel and complements the existing colors of the marbled walls.

The central elements also lead to a large fireplace at the back wall. Above the fireplace is an oversized mirror over which Lia, a New York-based artist, painted an abstract art piece. Her artwork is on display throughout the restaurant.

The lower level hosts the washrooms, wine cabinets, kitchen and storage. The communal wash area is wrapped with wallcovering with an oversized botanical pattern, and gold ceramic tile.

The luxurious and colorful design of Anixi complements and enhances the dining experience in this Chelsea vegan restaurant. Studio RB is grateful for having the opportunity to work on this great project. The team loved the process and the end result.


Photography by: Erick Castro

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