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Playroom Redesign

Valley Stream, Long Island / 90 SF / 2022

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This playroom redesign requires a quick transformation with a tight budget while also serving as a need for a secondary storage area. It still allowed the team to redesign the whole area, with the goal being to accommodate the needs of three young kids of different ages. The new layout provided a multifunctional area that could be used for playing, creating, reading, or studying.

Before Photo

We added barn doors separating the dining room and the playroom, giving us the flexibility to create a large open space when required and hide the mess when there is a need.

Before Photo

Added several windows for light ventilation. The wooden floor is covered with a carpet of a lighter color for a more playful mood. It also allows for a warm and safe environment for the kids.

Window cabinet progress

To keep the room tidy and organized and yet provide storage for the many toys, we used IKEA upper wall cabinets, turned them sideways, and covered them with an oak top. This became a clean, inexpensive storage unit that also served as a seating bench or a play table.

Added several windows for light ventilation, window alcoves, some overhead cabinets as bookshelves, and a full-height cabinet with a divider accessible to kids for storage of toys and other materials for activities.

A side study table is also provided on the side of the cabinet, with another workstation in the middle that can be moved to serve as the general play and activity area.

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