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Kitchen Redesign

Valley Stream, Long Island / 180 SF / 2022

Photographs by

The design of this kitchen renovation faced multiple challenges, from budget restrictions to existing condition limitations. This overhaul shows that even with a limited budget, a good design can still be achieved through a complete space transformation.

Before Photo

The counters and bottom cabinets have been changed to a white and gray palette, while other parts of the kitchen are being refurbished with newer materials to achieve a clean, minimalistic, modern look.

Before Photo

The upper cabinets also underwent a complete overhaul in order to achieve a homogenous feel throughout the entire space with their grey palette and black handles.


It also allows the metal surfaces of the microwave and the stove to take a shine.

Before Photo

The sliding door is a passage to the backyard deck of the house, letting the light design of the kitchen with its white counter-tops and gray cabinets serve as a lively transition of the space.

The design concept of a light monochromatic color arrangement sets up a stage for the smaller details to take center stage, especially with the use of cream and light-colored materials.

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