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02_F_BeyondSushi_37th_Entry_PhotoCradit-Norman Ha.jpg

Beyond Sushi - 37th Street

134 W 37th Street, New York, NY / 2,367 SF / 2018

Photographs by Norman Ha & Lee Kuzi

A beautiful, vibrant fast-casual restaurant at 37th Street in the heart of Manhattan that establishes the brand as the location becomes their flagship. This location became a star among the other four Beyond Sushi locations.

07_F_BeyondSushi_37th_MainSeating2_PhotoCradit-Norman Ha.JPG

Beyond Sushi is a plant based restaurant in New York City that celebrate sustainable and innovative cuisine. Designed with high ceilings and division of space, to created an open environment with different atmosphere zones and various seating arrangements.

04_F_BeyondSushi_37th_Bar2_PhotoCradit-Norman Ha.jpg

The vibrant and contrasting materials carry the guests through the space.

09_F_BeyondSushi_37th_openKitchen_PhotoCradit-Norman Ha.JPG

The sushi bar and the open kitchen are located at the back of the space, framed by the sculptural elements on the brick wall beyond.

10_F_BeyondSushi_37th_openKitchen_PhotoCradit-Norman Ha.jpg
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