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6 Cortlandt Alley- Living Room 01.jpg
6 Cortlandt Alley- Living Room 02.jpg

Cortlandt Residential

Tribeca, NYC / 1,700 SF / 2018

Photography by Julia Winner

Six Cortlandt Alley in Tribeca is a residential building designed in collaboration with Julia Winner from JMW.

6 Cortlandt Alley- Living Room 01.jpg
6 Cortlandt Alley- Master Bathroom- Detail5.jpg

The open concept floor plan allows for a seamless flow between the living room, dining area, and kitchen. 

Photo: Living Area

6 Cortlandt Alley- Master Bathroom- Detail2.jpg

This stunning project blends the privacy of boutique condo living with the amenities of a full-service building.

Photo: Kitchen Area

6 Cortlandt Alley- Kitchen.jpg
6 Cortlandt Alley- DiningRoom and Kitchen.jpg

The kitchen design is a spacious, open kitchen with a kitchen island. This allows easier movement around the counter space while creating a great atmosphere for hosting and entertaining guests.

Photo: Dining & Kitchen Area

6 Cortlandt Alley- Master Bedroom.jpg

The space is designed to combine comfort and luxury, while providing a unique and stylish retreat. The apartment is decked out with modern amenities and provides a cozy and inviting atmosphere, catered specifically for every part of the family.

Photo: Master Bedroom

6 Cortlandt Alley- Bedroom.jpg

The design of every bedroom prioritizes comfort and coziness through the use of minimalism and clean lines. The mirrors on both sides of the bed also help open up the space and disperse light in the room better.

Photo: Bedroom 2

The kids bedroom is less cluttered and has less design, but focuses on playful colors and bright highlights in order to show a more playful and gleeful atmosphere while still maintaining the minimalist design all through out the apartment.

Photo: Kids' Bedroom

6 Cortlandt Alley- Kids Room.jpg
6 Cortlandt Alley- Hallway.jpg

The hallway is also designed to provide a cozy and elegant atmosphere for guests and users, again with the use of clean and sleek lines, allowing guests and users to appreciate certain highlights, such as the chandelier.


The use of large windows going up to the full height of the ceiling also helps disperse light into the hallway, making the area look bigger.

Photo: Hallway Area

6 Cortlandt Alley- Office.jpg

 A dedicated workspace is also provided, complete with comfortable furniture in a secluded and quite environment.

The recurring use of large mirrors can also be seen here, as they allow this specific area to look less isolated even without windows while also adding style and elegance to the space in combination with the sleek and clean design of the workspace.

Photo: Home Office

6 Cortlandt Alley- Master Bathroom2.jpg

 This modern polished bathroom is tailored to each of the client’s needs, complete with modern fixtures together with luxurious finishes to create an atmosphere with sophisticated functionality

Photo: Master Bathroom (Vanity Sink Area)

The use of minimal ornamentation, in combination with the white painted walls, allows the space to look less cluttered and spotless.

Photo: Master Bathroom (Bathing Area)

6 Cortlandt Alley- Master Bathroom.jpg
6 Cortlandt Alley- Powder room.jpg
6 Cortlandt Alley- Second Bathroom.jpg
6 Cortlandt Alley- Master Bathroom- Detail4.jpg

The use of variously designed tiles like the herringbone and abstract pattern allows the variation and personality of a certain space depending on its catered users, while still maintaining the use of earthy and neutral colors to give a minimalist and modern elegant look.

Photo: (From Left to Right)

Powder Room and

Second Bathroom

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