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02_F_Anixi_SeatArea- Main.jpg


Chelsea, Manhattan, NYC / 2,300 SF / 2023

Photographs by Erick Castro

Studio RB helped transform Anixi with rich architectural elements that will encompass timelessness and pay homage to old New York. The vegan eatery's design includes an 18th-century marble staircase, crystal chandeliers, brass, and copper fittings, as well as a collaboration with New York City-based artist Lia Ali for a hand-made artwork.


The entrance of the dining hall has intricately designed ornaments, including a Greek caryatid-like molding on the side of the main door lavished with gilded embellishments.


An opulent dining room lit by a succession of crystal chandeliers with a central fireplace and walls lined with mirrors to allow more light to bounce around the dining area and enlarge the space more.

440 Kent Ave- Reception Desk.jpg


440 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Photographs by Udi Almog 2018

A luxury residential building on the Williamsburg, Brooklyn waterfront.



Studio RB  re-envisioned the space and relocated the concierge desk away from the entrance giving it better positioning.  This allowed us to create a waiting area in the front, welcoming residents in a much more inviting way.

440 Kent Ave- Waiting Area.jpg

Elevator Lobby

Mail Room

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