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New York Ave. Apartment

New York Ave, Brooklyn, NYC / 1,700 SF / 2018

Photography by Lee Kuzi

The Brown Stone (177 New York Ave.) building is in a historic district and was in very rough condition. After several approvals, our team finally reconfigured the interior space and turned it into three apartments and an office.

The foreclosure building is in a really bad layout and terrible condition, so we are reconfiguring the space to have three apartments and one office on the ground floor. Remodeled to be more livable and for the area in which each apartment had three bedrooms, where some of the original features like the brick walls, fireplace, etc. are maintained.

Photo: Living Area

The windows are refurbished and new furniture are added together with a remodeled layout.

Photo: Master Bedroom

The building attic is also restored and cleaned, with remodeled windows and repainted walls.

Photo: Attic

The kitchen millworks are also remodeled with a modern and minimalistic look using clean lines and fewer ornaments to allow the original feeling of the place to be retained without us going redundant with the design.


The kitchen design also brings luxury and functionality to the whole apartment.

Photo: Kitchen

Bathrooms are also remodeled with the same wood as the kitchen to give a more cohesive look.

Photo: Master Bathroom

We restored the original railing and stair details. While replacing some of the stair railings, we did not want to try and make it feel like the originals, so we introduced a twist by painting the railings a deep green or blue.

Photo: Lobby Stairs

Photo: Front Perspective

The exterior of the building signifies the style of an old New York, allowing our team to preserve it while also modernizing the interior without going overboard to conserve the historical style of the structure and its distinct ambience. And although extensive renovations were required, we made sure to keep the original details of the building.

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