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Pebble Lane Residence

Hewlett, Long Island, NY / 1,100 SF / 2022

Photographs by Ivan Nikolov

Pebble Lane Residence is an Interior renovation project including a large dining area, guests' tea area, outdoor barbecue area, and white tiled powder rooms.

F_04_169 Pebble-Lane-Dining3.jpg
F_05_169 Pebble-Lane-Dining2.jpg

The thin moulding frames on the wall are installed to create backdrop for the artwork. The vertical moldings are also aligned with the dropped ceiling above to create a better relationship between thrall and ceiling elements. While the ebony wood table sits 14 people comfortably together with the double upholstered Trica dining chairs for the added comfort of the users.

Photo: Large Dining Area

A smaller dining area with an ornate round table and individual white velvet seats is originally a square glass top which has been replaced with a round top which improved the circulation in the area. The base has also been repainted to make it work with the surrounding finishes.

The large sliding doors also allow more light to enter the area while also giving a nice view of the garden.

Photo: Smaller Dining Area


The walls of the powder room is covered with pristine white-tiles for a clean and sophisticated tone while the blue cabinet with gold pulls provided a perfect contrast to the white countertop and the light wall tiles.


The chandelier piece is also placed for added elegance and to allow a more homogeneous appeal to the overall design of the house.

Photo: Powder Room

An outdoor kitchen and dining area with layered brick base and a solid marble top.

Photo: Outdoor Kitchen & Dining

F_08_169 Pebble-Lane-OutdoorKitchen.jpg

From the selection of furnishings up to finishes, enhance the many corners of this beautiful house. 

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